Nancy Nash and Cam MacInnes
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Everyone at Naked Cyber Cafe is very excited to be welcoming Nancy Nash and Cam MacInnes to play a couple of sets on our stage Monday, November 2nd!

This is an incredible opportunity to hear some astounding music, a day before they appear at the Winspear!

Nancy Nash

“What do Bon Jovi, Loverboy, Bryan Adams, Cher, Bob Hope, Alan Thicke, Rene Simard, Paul Anka, Rita McNeil, Mike Fraser, BTO, Trooper, Kamahl have in common? The first woman inducted into the Edmonton Blues Hall of Fame – Nancy Nash!

Nancy Nash’s first blues mentor was African American Isabel Mayes, (great aunty to football legend Reuben Mayes), both attended the Sharon Pentecostal church in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. Isabel Mayes ancestors had fled slavery in the U.S. to Maidstone, Saskatchewan. As a little girl Nash would listen and mimic the way in which this soul/blues elder poured out her heart and soul. She encouraged Nash to sing full out and to learn harmony. Nash began a professional career at age 12 and has achieved acclaim as a session backup and lead singer for artists, jingles and television including Bon Jovi, Cher and Bryan Adams. She has released several recordings and shared the stage with icons like Bob Hope, David Foster, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Long John Baldry, Rita Charelli. Danny Marks, John Mayall, Anne Murray, Dionne Warwick, Robbie King, Buddy Guy, Jim Byrnes on and on. Her harmonica has been heard on many jingles and records. Nash considers the world her hometown and is looking forward to getting to know all the friends she hasn’t met yet and to touring, playing live and sharing in the muse. She never intends to retire. Her motto is “there is enough for everyone … if we share”.

Cam MacInnes

Cam-MacInnes(master dobro player)

Toronto Star Greg Quill writes:
Cam MacInnes is ..“Elegant ,tasteful, colourful, passionate, thoughtful, inventive, expressive… all these things and more – an astounding finger picker, a heart breaking slide virtuoso, a harmonic genius”. MacInnes has performed world venues including London, Cardiff, Nashville, New York City and across Canada. Performing bands : Sun, Franklin Stove, Hot Cottage, Destiny, Drastic Measures, Perfect World, Lee Whalen, Mary Jo Eustace, Gayle Ackroyd, Melanie Doane, Melody Ranch, Besharah, Ana and Bill Colgate. He is a feature film and TV composer, recording engineer, producer and session guitarist including Bill Colgate’s “Waiting For Simon”, Mary Jo Eustace’s “Bone and Marrow” and Gayle Ackroyd’s “Give It All You Got”.

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