Our (fully-equipped with instruments, sound and lights) open stage has always been a place that local musicians and music students can use for playing and practicing.  Live music venues are rare in Edmonton – and getting rarer.  Our stage is here, available for local and visiting bands to use for shows.

Note: We’re focusing on local artists, singer/songwriters, jazz, indie, pop, folk music.

Not doing rap, hiphop at this time.

We’re trying to get the word out to local bands and musicians that would like to have a no-cost open stage to perform on.   No charge – just please invite your audience to have a coffee or snack while they’re watching you do your thing.

Any questions, you can contact us Contact Us – Otherwise, to request an event fill in below.

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  • note: When you enter a “description” do it as you would describe the actual show, as this will form your event on our calendar.  remember to choose times (otherwise it will default to “all day”).  Charging? enter a cost.
  • I’ll receive your submission and as soon as it’s approved you’ll receive an email
  • don’t forget – using the stage is Free (details in the email you’ll get)

Note: With our name being “Naked” some spam filters may put our emails in the junk/spam folder.  If you don’t get your approval email, it may be in your spam folder.  (perhaps add to your allow list)

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