Munya Mataruse
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One of the coolest artists who just “walked in” one day years ago, was Munya Mataruse. (@MunyaMats)

He just dropped in one open stage, and blew the place away!

A big star in Africa, he wanted to move into the Canadian market as well and brought his amazing stage presence to our stage!


Munya Mataruse  is a Zimbabwean Artist based in Edmonton Alberta Canada. He started his music career professionally in 2005 at Pakare Paye Arts Centre which is an arts organization formed and is managed by Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi (Zimbabwean Music Super Star.

His music is a unique blend of styles ranging from Afro Jazz, Katekwe and Shangara (the local traditional Zimbabwean genre).

His sound is recognizable with intensely catchy Zimbabwean melodies and smooth vocals. With the help from Pakare Paye Arts Centre he managed to do numerous performances to school based audiences, weddings, Cooperate Functions, community galas, Fundraising Concerts, Road Shows, birthday parties, festivals and tours.

While still taking every opportunity to gig he recorded his 2 albums Denguremhodzi and Pashangara under TUKUMUSIC/ PAKARE PAYE label.

You should check out his YouTube:




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