Bob’s Holidays
by on March 8, 2022 in Blog

All our “Friends of Naked” know that Bob has been operating the cafe as a place for local young artists to use for free, for 25+ years.

In all that time, he’s never taken the time for a vacation, instead keeping the place available for the local neighbourhood.

Bob is actually taking a vacation!

And his vacation plans involve what usually recharges him – helping people.  He’s going with some associates to Africa to assist in opening a clinic.

From March 8th 2022 to April 12th, he’ll be there, helping get the facility opened.

The cafe will be closed for the vacation and will re-open when he returns.

Here’s their website:

(building security will be present to keep an eye on the place)

I’m glad he’s taking the time to do something for himself like this.

It’s a very “Bob” thing to do, and I’m wishing him and his associates an enjoyable and successful time.

~ David

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