Bob’s Back from Africa
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Bob, Blake and Caley were in Africa helping with a new residence for orphans from the Kibera slums.

The children's current home is in Kibera, Africa's largest slum and it is in shambles. The roof is rotten, there is mold, asbestos, and no running water. To top it off, the children are being evicted at the end of the month due to an inheritance dispute with the family that owns the property.

In North America, fences are nice to have. But in Africa, they are a necessity as safety is a major concern. They are also required by Kenyan law for orphanages. In order to ensure the children are safe, a fence is needed for community peace of mind.

The security fence is the final step to bring the children to their new home. Our first goal is to build a fence that covers the immediate area of the children's home, with the hopes of expanding the fence to surround the entire property as funds become available 100% of funds raised go to the project and thus the children.

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