Alberta Music LiveStock Episode #8 with Scenic Route To Alaska and Tasman Jude
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Livestock Online is an online concert series that showcases Alberta music members in an intimate and stripped-down setting. The series is professionally filmed & recorded at Naked Cafe in Alberta Music’s office building, located in downtown Edmonton. This project supports a variety of genres and a wide range of experience, from emerging talent to artists already starting to develop a market internationally.

Growing up together in Edmonton, AB, Trevor Mann (lead vocals and guitar), Murray Wood (bass) and Shea Connor (drums and vocals), have been friends for as long as they can remember. Their sophomore album Warrington, recorded by Brad Smith and produced by Jay Sparrow in Edmonton, builds on their distinctive sound, and captures the positive energy that the trio brings to their live performance.

1. Mountains (0:00)
2. Flowers (3:00)
3. Ghost (7:10)
4. Fall (9:58)
5. Every Year or So (13:25)

One night Caleb Hart & Al Peterson decided to play an Open Mic, they scrawled out a couple reggae hooks & jumped on stage ready to improvise. 3 songs later, something had been born. Since that time they have toured constantly, released new music, recorded a music video & received radio airplay in 6 countries. Tasman Jude is looking forward to their first Australian tour & a new album to be released in the near future.

1. Angels (17:13)
2. Fountains (21:21)
3. New Revolution (24:42)
4. Rejoicin’ (29:28)
5. Take You Away (37:18)
6. Family (42:47)

Filmed at the Naked Cafe in Edmonton Alberta
Produced and Recorded by Jesse Northey and Alberta Music
Thanks to Bob at Naked Cafe and Kirby at Ramparts Entertainment

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