20th Anniversary
by on April 20, 2017 in Blog

This May will be the 20th Anniversary for Naked. Starting out as a cyber cafe, and now after Edmonton’s environment has changed, focused more on music.

In fact, it’s been a couple of decades providing one of the only remaining small locally-owned music venues in Edmonton.

Sadly, the independents have been dwindling in YEG over the past number of years. Funnily (or not), the Edmonton Arts Council STILL doesn’t consider us a venue! Truly “underground” grass-roots music I suppose.

It’s only been a few thousand shows. But, we push on anyway, with more live shows than ever.

We’ve got some interesting artists booked all the way into July at the moment (with some room for a few more).

As we get closer to celebrating 20 years, they wouldn’t have been half as fun, or as possible without all the amazing friends and regulars we’ve developed over that time.

In fact, a lot of the original young folk who hung around the place when it was still 24 hours have grown up. had children, and have brought them in to meet Bob!

5 years ago, I joined “Team Naked” handling everything online, and events and have enjoyed many long chats with Bob and have been exposed to TON of fun and have enjoyed getting involved in a small way with local live music.

So many talented artists, sound pros, and local music promoters have added to the expanding role Naked has taken in local music.

I can’t wait to see how much more fun we can have with our fellow “Friends of Naked”!

Naked Webmaster

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