In my life, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some extraordinary people.  Several of them actually, and one who I’m thinking about today is Bob Ligertwood.   My husband Troy and I first  met Bob about 7 years ago, when our friend Dwane took us to see the new location of Bob’s place, Naked Cyber Cafe.

I’d seen Naked ON Jasper avenue for years but wasn’t aware that it had moved to 108 Street and 103 avenue.   When Dwane brought us in, we went to the coffee bar and I immediately saw a bunch of people sitting all around it.

In the centre of the discussion was Bob, and we were introduced and quickly had a couple of Americanos on the way.  Then he was back to discussing things with the people at the counter.

I immediately heard an opinion that I disagreed with so gave my 2 cents, and got drawn into the discussion.  That’s always the way that it goes at Naked.

This page will contain people sharing their experiences of Bob and Naked and how it’s they’ve effected their lives.

– David

What People Have To Say

The MetroNomadHow Long?   Five years

Involvment:   Patron who has visited for events and chilling, and I’m a musician who has played there for open mics and events.

Describe Bob/Naked:
Bob is epic, he’s so down with the grassroots cause and so supportive, I wish we had more people in our communities like him. I am grateful to Bob for all his help and support to me personally, and to the Edmonton community. Thank you and rock on Bob!

Mustapha Makhdoom
The Metronomad

MelafriqueHow Long?
2 years

Involvement:  We performed at the Naked Cyber Cafe twice and it has allowed us to spread our wings since that was one of the most cozy and enjoyable performances we had ever done.

Describe Bob/Naked:  The best host we have met to date. Very warm and welcoming. Open to new ideas and music and very willing to give everyone a chance to do what they love.

Feel about Naked:  One of our favourite venues. It is excellent, the sound is great, the refreshments are top notch and the setting is home like you barely feel like you’re in a cafe.

We love you Bob!




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